Nobin Inn Restaurant Stockport

Our latest client ‘Nobin Inn Restaurant’ based in Stockport came to us wanting to reduce their cost but without loosing the functionality (seamlessly receiving orders, process orders and delivering orders). Takeaway Heros not only allowed them to do just this with our merchant and delivery apps, but also reduced their commission to 0%, saving them thousands per month.

As with many of our clients, they can be found on multiple platforms as they previously sought to find the perfect solution, but instead ended up with large contracts paying large commissions.  This is a very common story that we hear from our clients, which is not really the position any business should be in especially during the middle of a pandemic. However, with Takeaway Heros, things are now looking up for Nobin Inn Restaurant, as we have been helping them to reduce the use of these contracts and therefore the cost has reduced dramatically.  We can help any business to reduce their utilisation of these contracts so that you no longer have the financial burden.

“We believe in our software, we know you are going to love it, and as such we don’t feel we need to tie any of our customers into contracts.  Putting customers into contracts are for companies that don’t believe in their product and who feels the need to protect themselves by restricting the ability for their customers leaving them.” says Lee Pedley, CTO of Takeaway Heros.

In addition to the massive monthly commission that Nobin Inn Restaurant have been paying, they have also been able to reduce their hardware cost of utilising our platforms. Our software is compatible with any mobile device and bluetooth printer, and as such we have implemented our solution onto hardware that is already in the restaurant, saving them £300 in a hardware cost.

As with all our clients, takeaways save thousands by using Takeaway Heros as we are the only provider that do not charge commission.

If you would like to view or use their apps, they can be found on the relevant stores below.


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