Our Free plan is ideal to trial Takeaway Heros and requires no credit card to sign up. This plan is 100% FREE and allows you to build your menu and gain customers. This plan is limited to 20 orders per month at which point your listing will be temporarily suspended off our website once you have reached 20 until the next month. We do not charge commission so you will not receive any charges from Takeaway Heros for this service.

We will never sell your details, or market you and with no contract you can get your free listing on Takeaway Heros and use our apps with no risks.

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Our Standard plan costs just £50 and give you unlimited access to our service, meaning you can sell as much as you like with no restrictions.

We never charge commission, as the low cost monthly fee gives you total access to this service.

With this plan we will help you set up your listing on Takeaway Heros and will load your menu.  If needed we can also add photos to your menu to make it more appealing.

With no contract, and no hard sell you can use this service as little or as much as you like.  As a company we believe in our products and know you will love them.

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For customers looking to get the best of both worlds, this plan gives you everything above plus your own custom built app.  Your app will be publish on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play and will be listed for the lifetime of the account.

This option saves you thousands of pounds and with no risk or initial outlay.

Please note the custom apps require an advanced subscription to continually be available to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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All the below come as standard

  • Restaurant Mobile App – Manage your Takeaway Heros listing and receive orders direct to your mobile.

  • Driver Mobile App – Send orders direct to your drivers and notify them of new collections.  Plus allow your cutomers to track their orders.

  • NO COMMISSION EVER – We never charge commission and as a company we never will.  We believe that companies that do so have a major impact on the industry.

  • Your Customers are your customers and not ours.  Message them and send offers as and when you require.

  • Total Control – We give you total control of your listing, so whether you want to try a new line of food, or change the price of an item, or want to put on a promotion…you can at a click of a button.

  • No middleman payment service – Get paid direct from your payment provider.  Whether this is Stripe or Barclay Card.  We do not sit in the middle, and any transactions on our website are paid direct to you.

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